Grow Your Own Food – Easy Edible Flowers (Guest Post)

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image1Add a twist to your flower garden

When people think of gardening for produce, they often think of planting tomatoes, root crops, and maybe some fruits. If they ever do plant flower gardens, they’re often just for decoration, to be able to have fresh flowers for the living room vase. What people often forget, however, is that there are certain types of flowers that can be grown in your garden and make for a stunning salad.

The Home Cooking section of has some great guidelines for choosing what flowers to grow and put in your dishes. Blogging for M&S, Jules Gilbert notes that “It’s not just rose, lavender and elderflower that can have culinary uses – other edible flowers, ranging in colour and flavour, from the peppery nasturtiums to the fresh, cucumber-like borage and the sweet, heady perfume of violas can also make magical ingredients.”

Of course, the…

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Easy Weeknight Panini

The Hungry Artist

Juggling too many projects at the moment!  I haven’t been cooking anything too complicated or time consuming recently.  Our dinners have been very E.A.S.Y.  Check out this post for what I am talking about!  Luckily, my guys are OK with it.

A new 5 minute worthy dinner I started making recently is panini.  I use Tuscan Pane from Trader Joes, but any good, hearty artisanal bread would work.  All you have to do is heat a grill pan (I have a cast iron one), brush some olive oil on the outside slices of the bread, make a sandwich with it using whatever filling you like, and grill it.  You’ll get a fabulous panini — you know the kind that costs upwards of $7 (Panera) and $10 – $15 (Le Pain Quotidien) for a fraction of the cost — maybe a couple dollars each?  Serve with a salad or soup…

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Mixology Monday LXXXI Cocktail: The Other Anejo Highball

Putney Farm

anejoMixology Monday is back again. And not a moment to soon. We have some resolutions that need breaking….(who are we kidding, they are long gone). Anyway, here is the theme from the excellent food, booze and cigar blog Southern Ash:

mxmologoHighball – n. 1. a long iced drink consisting of a spirit base with water, soda water, etc. -Collins English Dictionary Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition…  For this month’s theme, I thought we could strip away the complexities of cocktails and relax with a nice highball… Most cocktails are at least three ingredients with the highball relegated to emergency or last resort status, but in those highballs we will seek refuge. The end of the day is sometimes better served by a simple liquor plus mixer combination than an artfully measured Corpse Reviver No. 2 This month, tell us what you’ll do with a liquor and a mixer (with…

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Apple Pie Oatmeal

Katie at the Kitchen Door

Easy Apple Pie Oatmeal {Katie at the Kitchen Door}

Back in September, I did a little recipe development for the California Almond Board, after which I found myself with a lot of leftover almonds and a huge tub of almond butter sitting in my pantry. I’ve always been a faithful peanut butter lover, but I started playing around with the almond butter, adding a little bit to my various breakfast recipes to see how I liked it. I quickly stumbled upon a combination that I couldn’t get enough of – oatmeal flavored with thick pieces of cooked apple, a sprinkling of cinnamon and brown sugar, and a healthy tablespoon of almond butter swirled in at the end. It was sweet, it was creamy, it was filling, and it satisfied my autumnal cravings for a hot breakfast without the guilt of some of my other hot-breakfast staples. I dubbed it “Apple Pie Oatmeal,” and proceeded to make all my coworkers…

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